Transparency is the Way to Ghome.

Any steps towards making a business transparent are worth taking, right? But better make those steps real and not another marketing tool to make a business prosper. This is arguable of course. But what’s the point on a business making public the costs of its product development – raw materials; production; logistics; etc. if the final user has no way to verify if the info is real? The same goes for the measures taken to reduce environmental impact or fight for human rights. If one cannot confirm, it takes a leap of faith to accept it or, as in most cases, very good designers, marketeers and lawyers.

We are living interesting times. We are all very aware of the impact of consumption, as we are aware of the abuses many businesses perform on the planet, and yet we support those same businesses buying their products on a regular basis. You might sense some irony here, but make no mistake, this is serious! Too serious.

Transparency is a returning topic of internal debate at Ghome. For some time now, the idea of making public who Ghome suppliers are and publish their contacts on the brand’s website, has been debated. Our instinct leaves very little room for doubt, but it takes not much effort to understand the risks of it in terms of business. Many say that “the secret is the soul of business” but we prefer saying “sharing is caring”.

Allowing you to contact our suppliers directly, means giving you both power and responsibility. The power of accessing all the information about what we do and how we do it, in order to inform your decision of buying Ghome or not. And the responsibility of treating that information with the same care and respect in return. Plus, you might just be in the need of a good carpenter or blacksmith, and if you like Ghome’s quality standards, you know you will be in good hands if you choose one of ours.

Brands need to come up with alternative business models up to the challenges of our time. But we all need to reformat our behaviour patterns in order to foster that to happen. It’s a “what you give is what you get” kind of game that we all need to play aimed at the same goal.

Shall we play?