The process of making a purchase with us is very straight forward:

1 – Send us your order via email, or place your order directly from this web site.

2 – As there is a fair chance that the product you are ordering allows for customization, you should refer to it when placing the order. Feel free to ask us any questions!

3 –
You will get an email from us confirming your order. The person writing you at this point, will be in charge of your order until the end, and available to any issue relating to it.

4 –
After the details about your product are settled, shipping included, you will be given a date for when the product will be ready for expedition.

5 –
 You will get an email confirming that your product is ready, with your invoice attached with payment details enclosed.

6 –
After we get proof of payment, delivery will be scheduled.

We opted for not displaying any shipping costs on the web site, so we can have the chance to work out the fairest offer to your purchase.

Ideally, one of us will deliver the product to your door. Although, if the situation requires, we will collaborate with a third party for doing so.