Ghome is a range of products for the home made in Portugal with Portuguese raw materials. It is designed, produced and sold directly by the design office Gonçalo Prudêncio Office for Design.

Keeping Ghome unaffiliated is key to define the right setting of operating rules for the understanding of the social and economical aspects surrounding the industry of manufacture, the real cost of quality and the necessary mechanisms to achieve it.

Staying independent makes room for free-thinking about complex issues like globalization, impact or cultural identity, as well as other social aspects surrounding the manufacture of utilitarian goods, in order to experiment ideas that could then be applied on a bigger scale and make a real difference.

“I am convinced that design is the right tool to add value to both the essential qualities of the Portuguese natural raw materials and to a unique set of local skills, in order to transform those resources into products with a strong identity with the potential to become national tokens for global economical and sustainable strategies. Ghome is the objectification of this vision.” Gonçalo Prudêncio, designer and founder of Ghome.