Selling Directly to You.

Ghome made the choice of selling its products directly to you. This is a strong decision for a brand giving its first steps in a time where the market is so full of options. The start of any business is slow, and many tell us that this choice will not make things easier for Ghome. We see the point! Being Ghome the exclusive seller of its products, the building of an audience will come slowly. If to this we add: the fact that we only sell online a product range that people normally like to touch before deciding buying or not; a nano-budget to allocate to marketing and communication strategies; no sales department…  well, yes, it sounds difficult, right?

But now try to see things from our point of view. We knew all that in advance, so we put up a business structure that (we hope) takes that into account. So far so good. Social media is our marketing department, and everyone buying from us and getting happy about it, will eventually become our very high performing “sales team”. The fact that we sell directly to you puts us in full control of the operation, allowing us to measure our impact with great accuracy. 

We stay immune to the traditional retail pressure on prices and costs, meaning we can pay fair to our suppliers without the need of mass production. And it allows us to address the issue of packaging: most of the times we don’t use it, and when we do we always try to reuse cardboard boxes and wrapping materials. Because it’s mostly us delivering your product to you, we will eventually meet each other and stay in touch. In case something happens with your product you will know who to call about it. Sweet, right?

You might think that all this is easier said than done. We confirm! We need sales as much as anyone else! To prosper our business, to be able to go further with our ambitions, and to give our contribution to a more responsible form of consumption. Some say we are well intentioned. As nice as it is to hear it, that is not what drives us. We see no alternative, really. As we see no alternative to coming up with the best products. Products that perform well and impact little. As a brand this is the only way we can join others, and do our part in turning things the right direction. As to you, you are key for this to happen!

Nothing changes, if nothing changes.