The Photographer

In the beginning it is only an idea. Then the design process, hopefully well performed, will translate that idea into a functional product. In parallel, a communication strategy will be defined throughout the design process, in order to bring knowledge of that product to the community it might serve. This can be done in many ways but, and no matter what, good product photos will always be a must! So in the end, there will be the product itself, as well as the images of that product that will help communicating it, and both should be consonant.

As logical as this might sound, it must be easier said then done. If not, what other reasons could explain the amount of bad product photos around! At Ghome we have as one of our priorities, to find ways that make us capable of succeeding on this challenge of making the right photos of the products we develop. We know we need THE photographer, and not just any photographer. A good one for sure! But one that can also be available and patient enough to get close to us in order to learn why we do what we do. António has been all that with the added value that he is also from Sintra!

Although young, António has a high level professional experience of over 20 years. Despite that he is still very open minded, technically he is spotless, and he is equipped with photo apparel that would allow him to set up a studio wherever needed.  

A defining professional attribute of António‘s is that he works completely alone. The carrying and setting up of the gear, which sometimes is a lot!, the shooting, the sorting, the editing… he does it all himself. And believe us, António is a very busy man! Still, he never failed a deadline! Not even when our shootings have to be arranged around his weekly surf forecast.

António is an enthusiast! First and foremost about his job, but also about his personal interests, and he likes to talk you into them. Even if he does it not the preacher’s way, many times he manages to get you curious enough to go and know more about it. On our last lunch together, he brought up Conor MacGregor – an Irish mixed martial arts fighter, of whom we have never heard before. António’s excitement was such, that we had to go googling him afterwards! António also enjoys his share of gossip, or was he not from Sintra. But then, when we are at the shooting, António is mute and fully concentrated. There is no use on trying to chit chat with him then, because he won’t talk back to you.

António’s intensity is inspiring, and we feel lucky that he can fit us in his very busy calendar. He has been depicting our products beautifully, and hopefully we can keep working together for a very long time.