Gonçalo Durães

For a furniture and accessories brand choosing to sell online only, its website is a crucial business tool and the first form of contact for those looking to know more about our products.

For Ghome, its website is everything – shop-window, sales channel and customer service. Our priority is on the user, in making easy the browsing of the catalogue, and making the placement of an order as straightforward and trustworthy as possible.

After 4 years online, we feel quite sure that all is easier said than done. It has been a learning process with many falls along the way. Complete ignorance, a much greater ambition than the capital available to invest and the constant evolution of the development platforms, make the website issue a puzzle hard to complete.

Gonçalo Durães is the designer of our website. Pragmatic by default, he is also very creative executing and searching for solutions that we can pay for. Always very patient and available, he is also capable of translating to Portuguese the amount of 0000s and 11111s behind the graphic interface visible on the screen.

We have been wrong more than we would have liked, but Gonçalo is always honest with us and works hard to correct any mistakes. We are better today than we were 4 years ago, but we also know one thing for sure: to run a website is a never ending process. It would be great to keep having Gonçalo around. Without him this wouldn’t be half as fun.