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Davide & Zé Carlos

Our Ghomies Davide and Zé Carlos are the ones producing Aço! Even if their workshop is rather spacious, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that it is a quite modest one in terms of technology available – all the basic blacksmith tools are there, but not more than that really. What one cannot see while entering their workshop is the creativity of those two as well as their inventiveness and perfectionism.

Aço doesn’t present big challenges in production. Although, it has a couple of details that require a level of attention that most blacksmiths we came across before wouldn’t understand. We knew that, and we were out looking for someone up to the task. A friend recommended us Davide and Zé Carlos, and when we first talked on the phone about Aço, Davide told us that they could do almost anything in steel. He sounded convincing and we made an appointment to show him our full-metal-stool.

When we met, Davide rapidly cut to the chase by saying – let us do a prototype, and then we talk! Davide and Zé Carlos are indeed very fine blacksmiths. They can do a lot out of little. If the right tool is not there, they make one that is good enough. They take pride in perfection. The prototype they presented us illustrated all that, and on more thing: Davide is a master on skipping deadlines. He does it honestly though. He never leaves a phone call unanswered, nor an email or sms without a reply. But believe this – it took us hundreds of phone calls, emails and SMSs before we could see that prototype! Well, every rose has its thorn…

After a little bit of fine-tuning on the prototype, we set up a deal for production and Aço is now going. Hopefully it will keep on going for a long time.

Davide and Zé Carlos, you guys rock!