Owning instead of using.

To be in the business of producing and selling goods today is to be in constant conflict – how to do so in order to not harm the planet? Consumption is seen as a big menace, but our lives depend on a wide range of products manufactured in ways that will make the planet hurt somehow. This is a given fact and it doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon. But the act of buying in itself is not the real issue here. It is the way we buy, as well as the how and the why goods are made, that is the problem. At Ghome, we believe that any good solution for this problem will require a shared responsibility between companies that produce things, and customers who buy them. But companies have to kick start the change!

The widespread idea that we live in a culture where replacement rules – where it’s easier and cheaper to buy new when something breaks, doesn’t really makes sense to us at Ghome. Well, it is indeed like that in most of the world, but mainly because a good alternative still remains to be shown to the market.

If companies keep seeing people as consumers – people who take, use and dispose, those will be the only goods available on the market – disposable. Instead, if companies recover the capacity to look at people as owners – people who take responsibility on their purchases by choosing well, caring, and repairing, it will make a huge difference on how and why every product will then be made.

Even if we design and produce our products carefully, we know they can’t resist everything or last forever. We choose our materials and design in ways that stimulate caring, but allow repairing in case something unexpected happens. We work hard in production to cover all possible faults before launching a new product, but shit happens! And it happened a couple of times. And when it did, we were happy that we were called by the customers so a solution could be found together.

Change is possible even if slow. At Ghome we are diligently patient, but it really makes a big difference to have you as Ghome owners.

Own your Ghome!