Ghome is out of isaloni

The impact of the growing human population on the Planet still remains to be accurately explained. However, the problem’s real anyway! This much everyone can accept. But what exactly is the cause and which could be the solutions, somehow seems to be hard to make consensual. One thing comes with very little margin for debate though: World’s population reached 7.5billion, expected to be 10bilion by 2055, and this puts a lot of stress in Nature where space and resources are finite. Adding up to this, comes the fact that most of us live in cities, with living habits more and more alike no matter the city we live in. In such scenario, it comes (almost) without saying that the consequence of individual actions are definitely not personal, they are hardly local, but are most surely global.

At Ghome we don’t like to cover our eyes to this problem. It doesn’t necessarily make life more difficult, but it definitely makes life real 🙂 Our lives depend on a wide range of products that will make the planet hurt somehow. This is a given fact and it doesn’t seem likely to end anytime soon. Ghome’s business is to sell some of those products. This is a position of great responsibility that Ghome takes very seriously. It determines the way product development is undertaken, but not only. Ghome aims at creating a well grounded opportunity for evolution. As a brand it claims to itself the right to intervene on the very basis of the pyramid – together with others on the level of decision making, actively contributing to responsible forms of production and consequently be of help towards a more responsible consumption.

Ghome chooses not to work wholesale and makes the effort of selling its products directly to you instead. In despite of a couple of solicitations, Ghome decided not to take part in isaloni – the Milan Furniture Fair that is currently on in Italy. isaloni has been, since decades, the biggest event on the field of design and home furnishings world wide. It’s great fun to go there. You should try it once. But the trade model it relies on is questionable, to say the least. It’s a hard decision for a new brand not to take part in isaloni. Some say it’s a stupid one. But nothing changes, if nothings changes, right? These hard decisions energize as much as they raise insecurity though, and your support is very much appreciated. Not only in considering Ghome for you home and speaking about Ghome to our friends, but also in every little daily decision you might choose to take, that will make us united in the same goal.

Let’s live real!