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It always feels Ghome.

Ghome invited Ivo Oliveira Rodrigues in for a meeting. Our aim being to entice him to spend some time looking at our product catalogue with the technical skills of a designer, the knowledge of a collector, and the acute eye of a photographer. Ivo is all that – product designer, collector and photographer!

The idea was to have Ivo spend some days surrounded by Ghome’s products and document them through a series of images that would depict his view of Ghome. The result is a set of photos in which Ivo tries to frame what he reckons is the strongest feature present in Ghome’s products.


In his own words: “…no matter what angle from which I look at the products, there’s always this Ghomeness to them. It’s like they always feel Ghome.”

We couldn’t feel more flattered by this comment, and many of his photos really showed us a different angle and a totally new perspective of our products.

Thank you Ivo!