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The Designers of Flor.

Margarida Fabrica is the professional alter ego of Margarida Melo Fernandes, or so we thought before we began working together. Since meeting number 1, Margarida always showed up with André Melo. He was in in all the decision making, and we know he put his shoulder to the wheel! Actually, if it wouldn’t have been for André, Flor might have never seen the light of day. Yes, because on meeting number 1 Margarida told us that, due to work overload she couldn’t commit to the deadlines we were presenting her. This was how meeting number 1 ended – with a hard rejection! But a few weeks later, on a chance encounter with André, he mentioned a few unexpected bumps on their work flow and suggested booking meeting number 2. And this was it – the beginning of Ghome’s collaboration with Margarida Fabrica. A few meetings succeeded meeting number 2. Not many though. Margarida and André have full control of their workshop. Most of all, they are fully aware of its limitations, Margarida is never shy to share it and, in our opinion, this was key to the success of our collaboration.

André’s easygoingness ballances well with Margarida’s hard pragmatism. Our briefing was straightforward and so was their work on it. We were looking for the best way to bring a flower to the dining table, and they presented us with just that. They showed it to us first on a paper model. We liked it and soon after they came up with the first prototypes in porcelain. After a little bit of fine tuning and a lot of debate about finishing options, Flor was ready for production. Why Margarida Fabrica for this briefing? Because we would like to work with porcelain, but couldn’t see ourselves dealing with a huge factory. Because the work they do made us think they could respond to our goals and challenges perfectly. Funny enough, we actually had to convince them, or shall we say Margarida, that they were really up to the task – for us it was a done deal from the beginning, but for them, well for Margarida, it was something that revealed itself to her along the way… But going back to the initial question – Why Margarida Fabrica for this briefing? Now that we know more about it: very much because of Margarida and André.

Thank you!