“I see sense in the idea that the place of origin informs both the product and the business model of Ghome. Being local can be a very powerful tool to become global in a unique way. That being a raw material, a technique our a habit. I like the idea of each new Ghome product being a new Portuguese Original. Ghome has no factory yet, but all its suppliers are Portuguese and the raw materials are preferably Portuguese too. The sales model is direct to consumer because we haven’t found a better way yet to address the issue of packaging. This results in great proximity with both suppliers and customers. Despite the risks, to build a brand as a community sounds natural to me. Going further on this community idea, the specifications of each product include the suppliers in order to open a direct communication channel between them and the customers. If Ghome is a community, the goal is to make it grow so more and more people own a Portuguese Original.”

Gonçalo Prudêncio