Duas Portas

Within a cozy atmosphere, unique architecture, and excellent location, Duas Portas is a family project, which is born out of the true “portuense” (people of Porto) desire to host at home. The restoration of an old house, not shying away from bringing a taste of modernity, gives way to a building that has not forgotten the context in which it is inserted in – Porto.

In this way, the architecture allows for the connection between past and present, offering tradition with comfort. The decoration follows the same line, combining design pieces with furniture exclusively designed for the project. You’ll find attention to detail, from the colours and textures to the materials, creating harmony and simplicity as a whole.

With wide-open views, the house is situated directly in front of the mouth of the Douro River, a unique location, given its tranquility and proximity to the sea, and 10 minutes from the city centre.

Duas Portas (Two Doors) are always open and invite you to experience and live the true “Ser Português” (Portuguese way), escaping typecasts and commonplaces.