Saber Fazer

Saber Fazer (Portuguese for: know how) is focused on the research, valorization and spreading of the techniques of craftsmanship and semi-industrial production in Portugal. Its raison d’être is to make sure that technical knowledge doesn’t get lost, but also to educate and raise awareness to the general public for the crucial questions surrounding this area of knowledge with direct links to issues of sustainability, not only environmental, but also social and economical.

Saber Fazer Ghomezine 7

“At Saber Fazer we believe that local production on a smaller scale is evermore relevant and is urgent to recover and disseminate knowledge enabling the creation of production and cooperation chains aimed at a more sustainable output.”
Alice Bernardo, founder of Saber Fazer

The core of Saber Fazer is an ongoing and well fundamented investigation on the topics they consider priorities, including the inventory of the specific production technics, or the inventorying of Portuguese wool types. The output of their investigation comes in the form of educational programs they develop and the edition of technical books. These books are fruit of years of hard work and are rare examples of documentation written in Portuguese about each topic of interest.