Catarina (Brazilian) and José (Spanish) founded Aura Dim Sim Lab, in 2020, to share their love for the Dim Sum kitchen and introduce this unique way of cooking and its flavours to the city of Lisbon.

Masters in the art of Dim Sum and its crafty cooking techniques, they conceived Aura as a place of artisanal creation, where they offer a wide variety of traditional recipes, as well as others original and exclusive.

“In our Dim Sum Lab all is handmade. From the dough to the fillings and the dressings. We cook everything with our own hands and our hearts.”

Aura is in Rua da Bica, Lisbon, but it isn’t a restaurant. The space designed by Peter Odergaard, is most of all a place of gastronomic creation where, every now and then, open events will be organized to those curious about the recipes.

Aura has a dedicated delivery service, and all Dim Sum are delivered together with detailed cooking instructions. The idea is for the client to cook them at home, so the Dim Sum can be enjoyed fresh and right after being cooked.