Peter Ødegaard

Peter Ødegaard, of Studio Ødegaard, is a Danish florist. He has made flowers for royalty and celebrities, produced several books on the subject and ran the shop Herr Peters Blomster in Stockholm for several intensive years. Starting as a florist at the age of 21 and work work work for many years, it all became too much and a change was needed.

“What happened after the career in Stockholm was almost a kind of burn-out. Having worked in a service profession being a florist, it became important for me to get away and find a way of living that worked with my husband.”

The first trip abroad Peter and his Swedish husband Johan did together was to Lisbon 27 years ago. Since then they came back many times and, after spending a longer period living in Rio de Janeiro, the couple and their dog Olga decided to fix residence in Lisbon in 2013. Lisbon represents now the perfect in-betweenness between Rio and Scandinavia.

“Lisbon felt like the natural middle road for us, with its European culture and  long history.There is a melancholy and a nostalgic longing that I recognize from Scandinavia – saudade as it is called in Português, a longing for something that you think is going to make you whole.”

Splitting his time between Lisbon and Scandinavia (Copenhagen and Stockholm), and having chosen Lisbon for a more flexible and relaxed lifestyle, Peter keeps himself busy. From helping companies and individuals relocating to Lisbon, to interior design projects like Zum Zum Gastrobar and Aura Dim Sum Lab. He was the agent for Scandinavia for the Portuguese metal furniture firm Adico during 10 years.

Peter, now 54 years old, is madly in love with Lisbon. In love with its light, its people, the nostalgia and the romance, the crafts and the locally produced goods. He his finishing the setting up of an Artists Residence in the neighborhood of Graça, and keeps working on his annual workshops in interior and floral photography with his friend, the Swedish photographer Pia Ulin.

Peter chose Ghome for two of his many projects in town. We met through work, but something else is keeping us close. Let’s hope it stays like this!