Comida Independente

Proximity is a good thing. This article has been written under lock-down due to COVID19, during which proximity has been denied to us in many ways, and we’ve been craving for it on its many different forms. Retail has been one form of proximity back in the day. Currently it isn’t, but signs of a coming back have been showing prior to COVID19 already!

Rita Santos founded Comida Independente in Lisbon during 2018 – a shop selling wines and cheeses under the statement: “Great Products from Small Producers”. Hers is a business built on proximity. In proximity with its suppliers as well as with its customers.

“My thoughts on how we think about production, as well as how we organize ourselves economically and socially, were the guidelines for Comida Independente. That and my preference for authenticity, with a personal signature and a strong character. We choose our products mostly based on our visits to the places of origin, and on the human dimension and professional options of the producers.”, says Rita Santos.

Comida Independente is more than a shop. Rita and her team make sure of that. In Comida Independente one can find new products, get acquainted with the producers and learn about what’s made in Portugal. Recently, and in partnership with the local parish, they started promoting a farmer’s market every Saturday in the neighboring square Praça de São Paulo. On the personal level, Rita is interested in regenerative agriculture, and owns a small estante in Palmela where she hopes to live one day.