At Ghome, we like to eat well! We put a lot of effort on our daily lunch, and we even keep a small vegetables garden! Our biggest (not-so-secret) wish is to one day, the sooner the better, have someone knowledgeable who takes full responsibility for the food in our office. But so far it’s only us doing it here.

Lisbon gastronomic scene is booming though. New places open almost weekly, and it’s hard to keep up these days. It looks like food is a good business at the moment… It’s the tourism some say. Despite the reason behind it, the fact is that Lisbon is being introduced with a new level of gastronomic experiences. Modern food and spatial concepts, are making Lisbon (food scene) very contemporary. Really???

In our opinion, this contemporaneity of Lisbon is arriving at a steep price – the City is turning generic! Even if all these new restaurants are good, some excellent even!, they could be in Lisbon, Berlin or Buenos Aires.

Either about food, furniture or service, there is absolutely no sense of local. The low prices of a meal comparing to other European cities, might be the only sign of localness. In a City, and a Country, where gastronomy is of great cultural value, this is both sad and tragic.

But within this huge cacophony, there’s our good friend Leopoldo. For us, he is a beacon of hope! Either in his late Sociedade, or currently in Café Garrett, one can feel and taste modern Portugalness. Leopoldo welcomes you with a warm smile that lasts until the moment you leave. He charmingly chats you up along the meal to let you know more about what you’re eating and drinking, without ever imposing himself on you. Service here is genuinely good and not strategically staged for a good tip. As to the food itself, well… Leopoldo manages to present you with the real thing about Portuguese food with the creative twist of a truly modern spirit.

Leopoldo, stay strong!