Ecolomy of Scale is Ghome’s essence. We obsess about functional, well designed and affordable products, which are a result of the perfect combination between economical and ecological performance. Together with a careful choice of materials and manufacturing processes, each new design development is meticulously planned taking into consideration how many units that product should sell to become economically viable within our structure, before it becomes too expensive to you or the Planet. Whenever these numbers alarm us, we start from scratch!

Ghome aims at creating a well grounded opportunity for evolution. As a brand it will claim to itself the right to intervene on the very basis of the pyramid – together with others on the level of decision making, actively contributing to a sustainable production and consequently be of help towards a sustainable consumption. Each Ghome product will then be the well designed objectification of this backstage work aimed at being a step towards the right direction.

Ghome is a Portuguese brand of furniture and accessories for the home. We use Portuguese raw materials, source our manufacturers locally, and we are committed to the effort of selling the products directly to you – no middle man! Because when you buy Ghome, you talk directly to one of us, and because we are very close to our manufacturers, there is a fair chance for the product that you like to be customized to your specific needs.

When you buy from us, you become one of us!